Artificial Inner Voice

The next step for AI

By emulating the inner dialogue of human beings, we help you understand complex emotions, provide new perspectives, and aid in goal realization. An interactive experience, akin to a game, where you craft your own assistant, enabling you to navigate life's challenges with greater confidence and clarity.


Based on a book by professor of psychology in University of Michigan, Ethan Kross:

Chatter is the inner voice we have - dialogues with oneself, anxiety about the future and past, a constant loop of ideas driving us forward.

But GPT's, baby AGI's and other LLM based digital assistants are quiet, soul-less. Only responding on external input. Until now.

The idea is to create an AI assistant that has a constant feedback loop running in the background. Chatter implemented as LLM fractals. The aim is to give LLMs a mind, a drive.

The loop

When creating a new AIV you can set its lifetime - the duration it runs its chatter. The loop is a chain of AI calls that runs in the background every 1 to 5 minutes throughout the day (8 hours).

In technical terms, AIV adopts a variation of the OODA-loop. "The OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is a four-step approach to decision-making that focuses on filtering available information, putting it in context and quickly making the most appropriate decision while also understanding that changes can be made as more data becomes available."

Artificial Inner Voice Chatter Loop

The OODA-loop is adopted to be used as a loss function (similar to stochastic gradient descent in machine learning) to optimize for state parameters.
More precisely, the loops goal goal is to reduce AIV anxiety caused by unknowns in reaching its stated goals.

  1. New data addition (from external events and chat with owner)
  2. Optimization function, to optimize to the feeling variables - it generates a new inner chatter message (sentence or two) reflecting on the state of mind.
  3. Loss function - new feeling variables are calculated based on the new information (external events and chatter) of this loop.

How to start

Here is how to start with your very own AIV.
  1. Create a new AIV
    Choose the duration you wish to run it and its schedule (what time during the day it is active)
  2. Interact with your AIV
    A chat interface will enable you to monitor its thoughts and current plan. You are also able to converse with it.

Interacting with your AIV

Throughout its lifetime it is possible to interact with your AIV. For example, ask it questions about the current state of the goal or provide evidence of tasks that have been completed.

Completing tasks

AIVs can define real-world tasks - activities that need to be performed in order to reach its goal but out of reach for virtual assistants. Contacting people, signing documents, buying and renting etc.

These tasks are defined by a description and completion criteria. Tasks can also be public which means that each task will have a bounty (in AIV token) attached to it. Workers can then bid on the task and the best bidden (chosen by AIV) will be selected.

Tasks are currently in private beta. Please contact to apply for early access.


If you are interested in licensing and whitelabeling solutions for personal assistants, please reach out to
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